A few testimonials from satisfied clients 

"Thank you very much for your excellent copy-editing of my article. The commitment, thoroughness and thoughtfulness with which you analyse the text and the appropriateness of your comments and suggestions are impressive!"

Jacek Cypryjański, Professor (Associate)

University of Szczecin

February 2022

"It is really appreciated that every detail was checked, from content to phrasing to consistency to aesthetics."

Ashira Menashe-Oren

Université catholique de Louvain

January 2022


"... a wonderful and thorough job, the best I've seen anywhere I've submitted to." 

Matthew Wallace

Stockholm University

January 2021

"Julie is a brilliant, meticulous, insightful and knowledgeable copyeditor and proofreader. She is committed and dedicated to her work, and she is also kind and helpful in her approach. She always considers the best for my stories and treats them with care and respect. She's excellent!"

Efrat Danon

Independent fiction writer

July 2019

"I have never had a paper so thoroughly, thoughtfully, and expertly copyedited." 

Professor Wendy Sigle

London School of Economics and Political Science

July 2019

"We’re very impressed with the thoroughness of the edits and suggestions."

Professor James Raymer

Australian National University

April 2018

"Many thanks for the excellent help with the paper. I have never been so satisfied with the contributions from a copyeditor as I am now."

Professor Øystein Kravdal

University of Oslo

January 2018

"Thank you also for the excellent editing of the papers."

"We really like how the text has been edited. Great job!" 

Professor Frans Willekens

Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute

September 2017

"Wow! This is amazing – thanks so much. I particularly like the fact that you are questioning what is written, that is really helpful. Having a professional look at this gives me a lot more confidence; so many people just skim read and it’s so easy to miss the obvious."

Lynda Barrow

Marketing Executive, Naomi House & Jacksplace hospices

November 2016

All testimonials reprinted with the permission of the authors. The majority of testimonials relate to work carried out for an academic journal, the earliest testimonial refers to voluntary proofreading carried out for Naomi House & Jacksplace, and one refers to independent freelance work.