About me

I'm Dr Julie Banton, a freelance copy-editor based in Leicestershire. I specialise in editing non-fiction but also proofread fiction. I've always had a passion for making writing clear and easy to understand!


I am a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). I've passed the CIEP basic editorial test and my training includes the CIEP 'Copy-editing Headway' course (2018) and introductory courses in proofreading and copy-editing (2016). I'm committed to Continuing Professional Development; for example I've taken part in a session on editing with macros, and regularly learn from participating in professional forums. At the moment I am working through the CIEP 'Introduction to Fiction Editing' course. I'm also a joint co-ordinator of the East Midlands local CIEP group, which I contribute to monthly.

Since 2016 I've been the substantive copy-editor for the academic journal Population Studies produced by the Population Investigation Committee. In 2018 I started working on books, including proofreading Christian books for Instant Apostle.


From previous employment, I have experience of working with a wide range of clients from government departments, academics, and charities, to the media and public services. 

My background is in social sciences, with a PhD in Social Statistics and a BSc(SocSci) in Population Studies, both from the University of Southampton. This means I'm interested in a wide range of topics including health and mortality, geography, data, and social trends. I also have considerable experience of working with survey questionnaires, so if you need a questionnaire copy-edited then I'm your person! 


My experiences of writing and editing, prior to becoming freelance in 2016, include:

  • co-authoring a successful statistics textbook for beginners (2001; 2015; 3rd edition forthcoming)

  • writing and informally editing a wide range of web publications, such as statistical bulletins and articles, for the Office for National Statistics (here's an example)

  • co-editing/co-writing a published volume on the British population (2005).

(In case you are wondering, I had a different surname when the items linked above were published.) 

I am well positioned to edit material relating to my other interests, which include: 

  • Christian faith; if you are looking for a Christian copy-editor or proofreader for your book or other Christian material then look no further. I've been a Christian for many years and am on the leadership team of my local church.

  • Outdoor fitness (biking, running, walking, mountaineering, adventure racing; with previous experience of kayaking, caving, and climbing) 

You can also find me on LinkedIn. If I can help with your editing needs, then do get in touch!

My editorial assistant hard at work

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