Organisation or business?

Need peace of mind that your comms are as good as they can be?


Purple Words can help if you have:

  • marketing or promotional materials that need proofreading

  • a report that needs putting into plain English

  • instructions that need checking by a fresh pair of eyes

  • any other writing that needs a professional polish.

We've all seen examples of poor-quality comms. Embarrassing typos or unclear wording can detract from your reputation as a business or organisation and stop customers enquiring or returning. In contrast, your clients will be impressed by text that is clear, free from errors, and easy to understand. That's because high-quality writing reflects the high-quality product or service that you are offering!

Professional editing/proofreading will generally include some or all of the following:

  • correcting any errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • ensuring consistency throughout the text (e.g. in terminology and numbering style)

  • querying and/or clarifying ambiguities and minimising repetition

  • ensuring the writing is clear and at a level appropriate for the intended audience

  • querying possible factual inaccuracies/inconsistencies

  • ensuring that the structure is logical and headings are appropriate

  • querying any issues with copyright, insensitive language etc.

  • rephrasing sentences to improve flow and clarity

  • checking any pictures, tables, or charts.


To discuss the scope of proofreading or editing that you require and to get a quote, please drop me a line. No job is too small!